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About Us

 Nordic Husky Farm 


We are both born in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2005 we moved to the tiny village of Vedjeön (population 5 (people) and 35+ (dogs)), 40km north west of Strömsund in Swedish Jämtland. Why? To follow our life long dream of living in the North with as much untouched nature, wilderness and with good, long winters, so we can breed, raise, train and race our siberian huskies in world's biggest long distance sled dog races.

Our passion for animals and dogs in particular, wildlife, nature and the simple way of life, has led us all the way here, to the banks of Vattudalen lake and foothills of Jämtland's stunning mountains. We not only instantly fell in love with the area, but we found it our home very soon.

We are proud and active members of World Wildlife Fund and have high interest in ecology and natural medicine.

What did we do before we started pursuing our dreams? We had a large distribution company that dealt mainly with healthy pet food, nutritional supplements and sled dog equipment.

Jachym is a computer specialist and graphic designer by profession, and Katerina studied on a Gymnasium in Prague as well as in Canada, where she graduated in 1993, specializing in art and journalism. Later on she studied marketing and even later, when she devoted her professional life to health and nutrition, she got education in holistic medicine with two degrees in Reiki Healing and one in Reflex Therapy.

When the timing came to move to Sweden, we adjusted the operation of our Czech company to size, manageable over distance. As a result of that, we built the first and only Czech holistic online shop "for animals and their humans" and we provide nutritional consulting.


"From business to a mission" is what Katerina calls it. We want our work to make us feel good about what we're doing - helping people and their animals in several different fields.
Our philosophy is that you can only be good at something, if you do what you love.
And that's how we came up with the project of building a tourist outdoor adventure company and courses for beginners in the field of dog mushing.

We love the dogs and nature, and we know what we are doing. And that's why we know we can offer our guests their life adventures in real wilderness, but at the same time with a high level of comfort and security.

We organize several outdoor programs which offer outdoor adventures and fun for everyone - from families with small children to outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.
All our programs are listed in the "Tours & Adventures" section.

Our main "mission" is to show you the beautiful places this area offers, places you won't find in the tourist guide information and maps. We want you to have great time in the company of Vattudalen's mighty waters, the rolling hills and nearby mountains, as well as enjoying the flames of the bonfire at our farm. We offer you the absolute unique experience of partnership between dogs and men, through our friendly siberian huskies.

Home made food is an unseparateable part of our classic and original programs. We want you to experience the true North and hospitality that Jämtland offers.
But last, not least we want to share with you our journey to our dreams and incurage your dreaming too!


Besides our outdoor programs, we also organize training weekends for (not only) beginners, based on our ca 20 years experience with sled dogs. We want to share with you our experiences in the field of dog mushing and breeding, nutrition, health and responsible caring for the canine athletes.
We are proud members of Mush with P.R.I.D.E. prestigeous sled dog organisation, which promotes ethical and responsible care of sled dogs and are happy to share with you the principles of responsible care and work with these amazing four legged athletes.

We also run an internet shop with a selection of animal and human health nutrition supplements and health care products, and also some handcrafts and other souvenirs.

If you would like to know more about us, you can talk to us anytime!

We are looking forward to hearing from you, meeting you and experiencing something special!

Jachym, Katerina and Team


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