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Proteins & Sacharides

Regeneration Nutrition Supplement for Working Dogs

  • speeds up recovery after performance

  • restores glycogen reserves

  • prevents catabolism of muscle proteins

  • restores the balance of organism after stress (performance)

  • maintains dog's natural activity

AFTER DRINK Proteins & Sacharides is a concentrate in powdered form for preparation of regeneration protein-carbohydrate coctail (23% proteins with rejuvenising effects).
It contains balanced blend of all animioacids, vitamine B6 and kalium. It restores the glycogen supplies in muscles and liver, and thus helps preventing catabolic processes in the muscles. Supplement contains a phospholipo-protein complex, a source of essential amino acids and phosopholipids (basic elements for restoration of demaged cell membranes of muscle cells).

Thank to it's mild chocolade taste, this product is very well accepted by dogs.


Nutritional Values in 100g  

Dried milk, maltodextrines, sacharosis, egg white, cocoa powder, soy lecithin, vegetable oils, natural aroma, vitamines, minerals and trace elements (are a natural part of the proteins and carbohydrates, contained in this product).

Store on a cool and dry place, up to +25°C. After opening store in dry place and use within 4 months.

This product was aproved by Czech National Veterinary Agency, under registration nr.042-08/c. Produced in EU.

Net Weight:
1500g Use by date, printed on bottom of jar.

Preparation and Feeding Instructions:
Use 10 -15 minutes after training or race.

Blend 10g of powder per 10kg of dog's weight into 150-200ml of cool water, or mix directly into the dog's food portion or soup.

After very hard excercise or during general exhaustion, give this amount 2 times per day.

1500g of supplement is enough for 75 portions for 20kg dog.

Caution: Do not feed to dogs with kidney inflamation

Energy Content kJ 1600,0  
  kcal 381,0  
Proteins g 23,0  
Sacharides g 66,0  
Fats g 3,0  
Vitamine E mg 4,5  
Vitamine B1  mg 0,6  
Vitamine B2 mg 1,8  
Vitamine B6 mg 2,0  
Vitamine B12 mg 0,002  
Vitamine C mg 30  
Folic Acid mg 0,07  
Panthotenic Acid mg 4,3  
Niacin  mg 7,2  
Biotin mg 0,1  
Natrium mg 350  
Potassium mg 900  
Calcium mg 600  
Magnesium mg 60  
Phosphorus mg 590  
Zinc mg 2  
Selenium mg 0,002  


Manufacturer and General Distributor: ZERO DC - Decin, Czech Republic
Distributor for Sweden: NORDIC HUSKY FARM Outdoor Adventures & Internet Shop
Vedjeon 165, 83394 Stromsund, Sweden, Tel./Fax: +46 670 320 20, Mobile: +46 76 82 69 256
email:, w w w . n o r d i c h u s k y f a r m . c o m


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