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Rehydration Nutrition Supplement for Working Dogs

  • maintains energetic reserves

  • improves overall condition

  • ideal for daily rehydration

  • resupplies water, essential minerals and vitamines

  • helps increase performance and draw away fatigue

  • protects against exhaustion and convulsions

MINERAL DRINK Rehydratation is a highly proven, highly effective energy and rehydration iont-vitamin supplement. It is suitable to use before, during and also after performance, and for providing liquids during the day. Effective rehydration improves the dog's overall condition and thus increases the potential of quality performance.

Sufficient rehydration is the alpha and omega for the dog's performance. Generally said – not well hydrated dog is not able to perform well. Many mushers provide liquids to their dogs in form of soups, pure or baited water. But it is often not suffecient enough, as the body needs essential mineral salts to distribute water thoroughfully though the entire organism.

This supplement is not only for working and racing dogs, it is highly suitable also for dogs in reconvalescence, for pregnant and lactating females, for rehydrating dogs suffering from diarrhea, rehydration of dogs during hot summer days, before a long travel during a hot time. Providing lots of water without enough mineral salts only creates bulk, the dog doesn't get fully hydrated and his kidneys have hard work with the high amount of received liquids. This eventually leads also to shortening the hard working dog's life.


Nutritional Values in 100g  

sacharosis, glucosis, maltodextrines, magnesium citronate, natrium citronate, calcium lactate, potassium citronate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, whey protein, citrus pectin, betacarotene, added vitamines, sodium chloride (salt), soy lecithin, iron sulfate, zinc oxide, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodate
Store on a cool and dry place, up to +25°C. After opening store in dry place and use within 4 months.

This product was aproved by Czech National Veterinary Agency, under registration nr.042-08/c. Produced in EU.

Net Weight:
900g Use by date, printed on bottom of jar.

Preparation and Feeding Instructions:
For general rehydration:lend 5g of powder for 10kg of dog's weight into 400-500ml of water or soup.

During higher activity or race: 7g/10kg of dog's weight.

During high performance and/or hot weather use 2 times per day.

900g of supplement is enough for 90 portions for 20kg dog.

Energy Content kJ 1610,0  
  kcal 383,0  
Proteins g 0,5  
Sacharides g 90,0  
Fats g <0,01  
Vitamine E mg 10,8  
Vitamine B1 mg 1,0  
Vitamine B2 mg 1,5  
Vitamine B6 mg 1,3  
Vitamine B12 µg 4,0  
Vitamine C mg 165,0  
Folic Acid µg 140,0  
Panthotenic Acid mg 6,5  
Niacin mg 16,0  
Biotin mg 0,13  
Natrium mg 550  
Potassium mg 210  
Calcium mg 120  
Magnesium mg 90  
Phosphorus mg 160  
Iron mg 2,0  
Copper mg 0,1  
Manganese mg 0,4  
Zinc mg 2,2  
Iodine µg 30,0  


Manufacturer and General Distributor: ZERO DC - Decin, Czech Republic
Distributor for Sweden: NORDIC HUSKY FARM Outdoor Adventures & Internet Shop
Vedjeon 165, 83394 Stromsund, Sweden, Tel./Fax: +46 670 320 20, Mobile: +46 76 82 69 256
email:, w w w . n o r d i c h u s k y f a r m . c o m


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