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Snowshoe & Husky Adventure
 Snowshoe & Husky Adventure 

Experience the reign of snow guided by powerful and friendly huskies

Snowshoeing is not just a lot of fun and a healthy workout activity, it is a perfect way how to experience the snowy landscape and explore places with no trails or paths.

Be like the early explorer and visit places where no one has set foot before, just you and the white powder, be it woods, the frozen lake, snowy plains or mountains.

While most ski-centers and lodges offer snowshoeing activities and snowshoe rental, snowshoeing with huskies is unique and we are happy to be your experienced guides in our destination!

Upon arrival you will get to meet our Siberian husky pack and then guided by several of the enthusiastic huskies, who will help you through the snow, our human guide will take you for this unique adventure and at the half way point will set up a little campfire where you will take a coffee and snack break to warm up and enjoy the tranquility of the snowy kingdom.

Don't forget to ask for our speciality – the Wilderness Tea – healthy and tasty herbal tea brewed on the campfire, from the gifts of nature such as pine needles, usnea lichen, lingonberry leaves and more. Great for the immune system!

Snowshoeing is especially popular in the spring time, when the strong sun makes the snow wet and heavy, and the snowshoes make it so much more easy and comfortable to walk in it and enjoy the wild nature off the beaten path.

This is a great activity for the true winter and outdoor lover, adventurous and fit family or nature photography enthusiast. Back at the farm you can check out our little handcraft shop, warm up before departing or why not turn your tour into a nice overnight experience and rent our cozy little rustic cabin.

Husky & Snowshoe Adventure
Husky & Snowshoe Adventure
Husky & Snowshoe Adventure

All our guided tours are private - just for you, your friends and/or family!

  Start based on arrangement with guests
  Meet the huskies
  Guided snowshoe tour with campfire lunch

approximately 3-4 hours

This program doesn't require any special skills.
Not suitable for children under 12, contact us if you are concerned about age and fitness level of your child.

  Our other outdoor adventures and lots of useful information can be found on the main Tours & Adventures Information page.

Program Availability:
December - April

  How to Get Here

  1 Adult  1200:- SEK  
  Child up to 12 years  600:- SEK  

Reserve Your Adventure Today

We can custom fit the program for your group. Email us


If you would like to only rent the snowshoes for a day or two, without actual tour, we are more than happy to accommodate your wish. Check out our rental prices.

  Rental Rates:
  1 Day  250:- SEK  
  From 2nd day  100:- SEK/day  
  Poles are included  



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