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Wilderness Lunch Sled Dog Tour
Wilderness Lunch Sled Dog Tour

Experience it all – the enthusiastic yet super friendly Siberian Huskies, the Nordic Wilderness and a typical Swedish outdoor lunch made and enjoyed over Campfire!

The Wilderness lunch tour will take you right into the heart of northern Sweden's wild nature – the team of our strong huskies will pull you across the mighty Vattudalen lake while you enjoy the view of surrounding highlands and forests as the trail winds along the shore and between numerous little islands.
We may spot a fox or a group of deer and see many other wild animals' tracks on the snow.

This tour is the real deal, as you will get to meet all our huskies at the kennel, help with harnessing and preparing them for the run and enjoy about 3 hours of dogsledding.

Wilderness Lunch Sled Dog Tour
At the half way point, about 1 hour into the tour, our experienced guide (Jachym or Katerina) will make a campfire and we'll enjoy lunch and warm up before heading back.

We love to share our passion for locally produced, organic food and our favorite outdoor recipes that will keep you not just warm, but will bring a touch of Norrland's culinary experience as well.

Back at the kennel, you can help feed the dogs their well-deserved warm meal, unharness them and thank them for the adventure.

By now you will remember some of their names and form a friendship with them and gain a certain level of admiration for these wonderful companions and athletes.

You can check out our little handcraft and souvenir shop before you leave.

Wilderness Lunch Sled Dog Tour

Wilderness Lunch Sled Dog Tour

Wilderness Lunch Sled Dog Tour

Wilderness Lunch Sled Dog Tour   Wilderness Lunch Sled Dog Tour   Wilderness Lunch Sled Dog Tour

All our guided tours are private - just for you, your friends and/or family!


Arrival at 10:00 or upon previous arrangement
Meeting and harnessing the huskies
Tour approximately 3 hours including lunchbreak by campfire on the trail
Unharnessing and feeding the dogs
Kennel tour

Duration: approximately 5-6 hours
This program doesn't require any special skills, but if you choose to drive your own sled you need to have a little bit of a good physical condition.

 If you are interested in shorter tour, visit our Half Day Sled Dog Tour page.

 Our other outdoor programs and lots of useful information can be found on the main Tours & Adventures Information page.

Program Availability:
end of January – mid April

 How to Get Here

  Sitting on the sled
  1 Adult  2450:- SEK  
  Child up to 12 years  1250:- SEK  

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