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Northern Lights Tour
Northern Lights Dog Sled Tour

Let the stars, moon and northern lights light your way on a magical dog team ride through the frozen woods.

As the sun sets shortly after noon during the darkest time of year in this part of the world, the stunning sunset fades into pastel colors of pink, blue and purple, quickly to be changed for what is known as the “blue hour” up here. The first stars appear on the darkening sky and before you know it, the velvet night is here, accompanied by millions of diamond-glittering stars and constellations, and the milky way lights up above your head.

Everything turns silent – the birds´ chirping stopped right with the dusk, and all you can hear is the occasional bark of a lonely fox, the hooting of a waking owl, and the sounds of the lake ice forming and closing its waters for a winter´s sleep.

The huskies are eager to go for an adventure regardless, though. Their excited barks cut through the silence and bring life into this night-covered world.

The sled is prepared with a warm fluffy reindeer skin to keep you warm during the ride and the huskies run in excitement around the lit up dog yard. Once harnessed, their barks build up into a frenzy until the moment the snow anchor is lifted up – and then comes an almost instant silence.

Nature is full of surprises and so this tour is never the same – one evening the moon may be so strong that we can turn our headlamps off and watch the moonlit huskies in front of us, and the trees casting long shadows on the trail.

Another night the Northern Lights may dance across the sky or form a bow from east to west.

The snow may be gently falling and the light breeze kissing your cheeks or it may be perfectly still and you will hear the huskies breathe, the harness rings cling and the sled runners swish over the trail.

Not many people have experienced this unique adventure!

Once back at the farm, we´ll snack the huskies with frozen fish and turn them loose, before it´s their dinner time.

A hot beverage by the glowing campfire and a hot sandwich with a cup of soup will warm you up before you head back to the “civilization”.

You can opt to book an overnight stay at our cozy little cabin or guest room after the tour, if you like. Check our accommodation page for details.

PLEASE NOTE: Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are a natural light phenomena and there is no way to guarantee that you will see it during the tour.

All our guided tours are private - just for you, your friends and/or family!

  Sitting on the sled
  1 Adult  1890:- SEK  

Maximum number of participants: 2


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