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Wilderness Overnight Tour


Rewild your heart by mushing a team of huskies through the snowy landscape of the northern Wilderness and spending a night in an off-grid cabin by the lake, on this back to basics private guided tour.

You will get to not only drive your own husky team, following a guide, but you will be responsible for snacking them along the way, helping to prepare lunch for the group, and once arriving at our overnight camp spot, bedding the dogs down, cooking a meal for them, feeding, checking their feet, helping to cut hole in the lake ice, fetch water to cook and drink, help make fire in the simple woodstove and finally help make dinner.

This isn't an adventure for everyone for sure.
But it is the real deal. It doesn't get more authentic and genuine than this. Or more back to basics. And at the same time deeply rewarding and nourishing the soul.

To be a part of the team of dogs and people, relying on each other, practicing the basic survival skills (or learning them along the way), in the middle of nowhere, with no houses, or villages nearby, in the cold subarctic winter, puts a lot of things into perspective. And you get so much more out of this experience than just the thrill of an adventure or a winter sports activity. You gain respect for these amazing dogs, for wild animals that brave these woods every winter, and for the people who have and still live here. Respect for yourself. And you will definitely learn a thing or two about yourself, along with a few new skills.

Yet all of this in the company and with guidance of experienced and knowledgeable guide and dogs who know these trails to the detail, and for whom survival is a daily bread.

The trails vary from narrow winding paths wide enough just to fit a dogsled, to crossing frozen lakes and marshes with an open space around, at some point they will be a bit like a roller-coaster and sometimes you will have to get one foot off the runners and help kick and push the sled up a steep hill. This is real dog mushing!

The distance isn't too long for the huskies, but with a relaxing hour for a lunch break it will take us about half a day to get to the little wilderness cabin.

Just in time before the sun sets, to fetch water from the lake to cook the dogs a warm meaty soup, and for us humans to make dinner and a nice cup of tea.

You can also try ice fishing and with a bit of luck we can grill the catch for dinner.

Or grab a pair of snowshoes and explore around the lake and cabin for some picture taking or just soaking in the snow covered beauty.

Now imagine, the wood is crackling in the woodstove and a pot of water is boiling for a hot drink. The glow of a petroleum lamp and a few candles evoke a lot of feelings, especially those connecting us back to our roots.

We'll feed the huskies and bed them down on a warm thick layer of straw and dress them in thermo waterproof coats for added comfort. After they chunk down their meal, they'll curl up comfortably into the typical husky “donut” for a nap. They know this so well. They are the experts on arctic survival, knowing how to conserve enegy and keep cozy.

Now it is time for us to make a well deserved dinner, and sharing a few stories at the table before heading to bed.

The morning starts again with dog care first. We'll need to cook them their breakfast couple of hours before they are ready to run. Plenty of time for us to enjoy a hearty breakfast ourselves – perhaps a bacon and eggs and a good sized cup of coffee, or pancakes with syrup – or why not both! We'll need the calories to keep us warm and fit for working alongside our husky team mates on our way back to the farm.

Useful Information About The Wilderness Overnight Tour

Please note that the accommodation at the simple wilderness cabin is really basic, it is off-grid with only a would stove as a source of heating and to cook on. Simple bunk beds to sleep on. It is of course an integral part of this particular experience and adventure.

In the morning, before fire is made again, it will be cold in the cabin, although it will be cozy inside your warm arctic sleeping bags which we provide.
The sleeping bags are tested (by ourselves) in this climate on overnights in tents and wilderness cabins for a number of years.

Level of physical fitness: While you do not have to be super athletic or an outdoor and survival expert by no means in order to join this tour, you do need a certain level of physical fitness and you need to be able to stay outside in the cold elements for an extended period of time.

Once you have made your booking for the tour, we will be in touch to send you list of recommended gear, clothing and footwear.

What is Included in this tour:

- All meals (welcome dinner after arrival at our farm, breakfast, lunch both
  days on the trail, dinner and breakfast during the wilderness tour)
- Guide, sleds and and all equipment for the tour except for clothing
- Arctic winter sleeping bags with inside lining
- Ice fishing ticket, equipment, snowshoes to use during the tour
- Accommodation at our cozy little cabin or guest room the night before the tour
- Thorough instructions on how to drive a sled, safety, dog care, etc.


Extra Options:

If you wish to stay at Nordic Husky Farm one more night before departure, you can stay again at the cabin or guest room for an additional cost of 700Kr/night at the cabin or 600KR/night in the guest room. We'll be happy to provide a dinner for you as well after the return from the trail.

If your travel to us is not very long and you don't need the accommodation before the tour, you can either stay here after the tour instead or completely opt the accommodation out and we will deduct the cost from the total price of the tour.

  1 Adult  9500:- SEK (815€)  
  Available places:
2 persons 18 years and older
February 15 – April 9

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