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Spring Mushing & Outdoor Week

Family Husky Adventure

Experience Something Unusual on Your Spring Holiday

Looking for something unusual and unique to do and experience on your spring holiday? Are you searching for an outdoor vacation full of snow and adventure? Tired of the usual winter sports?

How about recharging your energy in the company of beautiful, smart, friendly and powerful huskies? Driving your own dog team, ice fishing while the sun is shining and refilling you with joy?

Peaceful walks and snowshoeing in beautiful Nordic nature, far away from the stress of daily life. Suntanning. Grilling moose meat on the open fire, photographing the wilderness and mabye even meeting some wildlife. Reading your favourite book by the warm fireplace, with a glass of wine and enjoying home cooked ecological food that for once someone else has prepared for you.
It doesn´t have to be only a dream. Only a few hours by plane or train, there lays such place and tranquility.

Based on many requests and inquieries the Nordic Husky Farm brings you this brand new program, which will give you the touch of all - mushing, sled dog experience, walking, snowshoeing, some puppy love, good food, and pleasant times spent by fireplace or open fire.

Limited to what the locals call the "fifth season", the Spring Mushing & Outdoor Week is a unique oportunity for you to experience something unusual.

Because of our busy racing season, this is one of your few and rare chances to meet the huskies in action in their natural element. Your chance to feel the connection with them, experience the fantastic feeling of driving a sled pulled by dog team, but also to enjoy other outdoor activities on snow.

Take advantage of our Spring Mushing & Outdoor Week offer and book your spring holiday well in advance. There are only certain specific dates available in March and April.



Would you like to learn more about sled dogs and get a closer insight into the care, handling and training of these amazing athletes, who run every year over 3000km by pulling dog sled?

Then we recommend you to also check out our other offers, focussing on mushing and sled dog care, training, nutrition, etc. These programs include the Exclusive Mountain Mushing or Training Weekends for Beginners. You might also like to know, that we offer Weekend Mushing Experience and Evening Lectures.



paw Day 1
Arrival and introduction, meeting the huskies. Feeding the dogs is a unique experience, then we´ll settle down to the cozyness of fireplace and have a nice relaxing evening, before your adventures begin.

paw Day 2 - 6:
You will get an instructage on how to drive a dog team, and you´ll spend the first day learning how to mush. The other days we will make mushing trips of different lenghts on the area´s beautiful trails. We will make one whole day tour with camping out on the trail (but we´ll return back to the farm for the night). Dog sledding will be combined with husky walks to some beautiful scenic points, being powered by your favourite dog, ice fishing, playing with puppies, snowshoeing on the Vattudalen lake, cooking food on open fire and of course relaxing! You can watch movies, read, play board games, or we can hold a lecture, upon interest.

paw Day 7
Shorter program, based on your interest and time of departure, such as husky walk, snowshoeing, walk with puppies or another ice fishing experience. We may visit a small reindeer farm on the way to the airport. Departure.

What's included:
Accommodation, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, coffee, tea and other baverages, snacks for the mushing trips, outdoor mushing equipment, guides, airport/bus/train station pick up and drop off.

What's NOT included:
Travel expenses, aditional snacks and sweets (available for purchase on location), outdoor clothes, inner and outer garments, boots.

Please note: You will receive a list of recommended clothes, footwear and accessories, with your booking confirmation.

Fitness Level:
This program is suitable basically for everyone. While it doesn´t require any extra special skills, you should be fit to be able to handle a dog team. We recommend you to judge your own abilities.

Program Duration: 7 days

Program Availability: March - April (selected weeks only)

Travel Tips:
The easiest way to get here is by airplane. You can fly from your city to Stockholm and from there to Åre/Östersund airport.
Good deals on airplane tickets: Skyscanner
You can also come to Östersund by train, or by bus - SJ Ticket Search. If you choose bus, you can travel also to Strömsund.

PAW How to Get Here - when you travel by car.

Please note: If you choose your own transport, you will be refunded the expense for pick up and drop off.

1 Adult 16.900:- SEK (1453€)  
Children up to 12 years 8.900:- SEK (766€)  

We can custom fit the program for your group.
Email us.

PAW Our other outdoor programs and lots of useful information can be found on the main Tours & Adventures Information page.

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